Handforth Health Centre

Wilmslow Road, Handforth, Cheshire SK9 3HL

Codes of Practice

In order to protect both our patients and members of staff the following codes of practice are policy at the health centre.


Confidentiality is central to everyone working in the healthcare environment. All information about patients is confidential. All patients can expect that their personal information will not be disclosed without their permission except in the most exceptional of circumstances, or when requested by another Health Care Professional.

Violence and Aggression

We are committed to taking all reasonable precautions to ensure the safety and well being of our employees and we will endeavour to protect them from physical and verbal abuse. Any incident will be reviewed by the partners and appropriate action taken.

Complaints Procedure

The practice has a comprehensive Patients Complaints procedure. If you have  any complaints or comments about any aspect of the services we offer please contact our Practice Manager.

Any comments or concerns regarding the Practice or East Cheshire CCG can also be referred to the Customer Care Service on 0800 161 3997.

Access to Medical Records

The Data Protection Act and GDPR now allow all patients access to their medical records. A request form is available from Reception.

Freedom of Information Act

We are responsible for assisting in administering public funds – this information can be made available upon request in writing from the Practice Manager.

Disability Discrimination Act

We can accommodate patients requiring disabled access to our services.